Tyler Chronicles: Professional Pictures Continued

Tyler Chronicles: Professional Pictures Continued

She has always hated being swaddled!

This is above Tyler's closet door across from her crib.

Tyler Chronicles: Professional Newborn Pictures 4 Weeks Old!

My flapper Girl!

I had these photos taken as soon as I could which was 4 weeks exactly. I wanted to have Tyler's newborn pictures taken at two weeks but unfortunately I was not able to due to the high blood pressure/migraines. She was not as sleepy as I had hoped which meant she was a little fussy but nonetheless we got some great photos. There are way to may to post them all but I will get as many up as I can.

This is how the photo session started!!!!

Tyler Chronicles: Professional Pictures Continued

Life Could Not Get Any Better Than This

Tyler Chronicles: Professional Pictures Continued

I love this photo. Perfect little princess!


Tyler Chronicles: Daddy's Girl

One of the most precious gifts from heaven above,

Is the gift of a daughter for a Daddy to love.


Tyler Chronicles: Nap Time

Tyler is 25 days old! Time flies by when you are having fun

Keeping warm in the blanket Grandma Taylor made me
Sweet dreams

All my babies napping on the bed. I was there too 2 minutes before I took this picture. Mommy, Tyler, Sidney, Rudy, and Charlie. Please note that the kitty is curled up in his favorite soft blanket and Sidney is laying on a pillow! My babies are spoiled at all.


Tyler Chronicles: My First Bath

Tyler was so small that I figured I would just give her a bath in the kitchen sink vs getting out the baby bathtub. I was bathed in Boydies sink and I turned out okay so it should be alright. Overall she liked it...especially when I was rubbing her hair. I think she is a natural water baby.

Stretching...she loves being naked but it is still too chilly in NC to let her go that way for too long!

All supplies and towels ready! I read a post on another blog that said make sure you have everything within reach and already opened.....can I just say I thought I was doing so go but I went to put soap on her and I realized that I had not taken off the saftely seals on the soap....dumb!
Unfortunately I don't have any during or after pictures because water and my new camera are not going to be introduced. Especially with how clumsy I am.

Tyler Chronicles Day 19

Not Tyler's best picture but in the daily tradition I felt I should put up the picture. Daddy says she looks like a dalmation!


Tyler Chronicles: 18 Days Old

She is either practicing for riding rollercoasters at Disney World or she is trying to tell me to stop taking pictures everyday.

Practicing for her role in Gone With The Wind.....someday!


Tyler Chronicles: Making Faces

You are more perfect than I could have hoped,

More beautiful than I could have dreamed,

And more precious than I could have imagined...

Tyler & Mommy

Mommy and me! I am wearing mommy's dress from her christening (29 years ago). She is pretty sentimental about stuff like that. It was a pretty rough morning. As you all know my mom is always late and when you tack on no sleep and trying to get me ready it becomes a disaster. We made it to church in the nick of time!

Tyler Chronicles: Visiting with the Yorks

Thanks to James & Edie for dinner and visiting with us. We loved the food and the company!!!

Tyler can't wait to play with Edie's daughter when she arrives in May.