It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want Too!

Tracy & Neil Schledorn were so kind to watch Tyler on Thursday while I had to work!!! This is there son Carlin. All I can say is I hope this is Tyler's reaction to boys for a long time to come!

Napping in My Swing

My sleeping beauty!

She must have been really tired because she had just woken up...she ate her breakfast. We were getting ready to go to Pat Pat's and she feel asleep in her swing!
She always sleeps with her hands like this or clasped together on her chest.

Thank you to my friend Megan for letting us borrow her swing! Saved us money and Tyler loves it!


Playdate with the Magee's

These are Tyler's bestfriends Braxton & Emma Magee. Their mommy Sam just happens to be my bestfriend...coincidence....I think not! We spend Wednesday mornings together to walk. Tyler is now in her big girl stroller so it was the first chance for a photo.


Gram's New Puppy - Julianne

Introducing the newest Foss. This is grandma Pat's new puppy Julianne!

She loves to play outside and snuggle! She especially loves bringing all of her toys underneath the coffee table and napping there too!
She really is the sweetest thing! She is so tiny. She was the runt of the litter of 11 puppies. She has a white spot on her nose and her paws.


Girls Lunch Out

Daddy got a good picture of his girls! We had fund at lunch and thank goodness we got an outline of everything for the shower. I think Caroline is going to love it!

I have never been a big "pink" person but I find that it is hard to find baby girl clothes that are not pink. A LOT of Tylers' clothes are hand-me-downs from our neighbor's baby Claire...but this was a dress that I bought for her. I think it is just precious! The back is super-cute!

Tyler was not to excited to be taking pictures... but it is rare when I am actually in the picture so I couldn't miss the opportunity. Tyler and I were meeting my friend Catherine at PF Chang's to plan a baby shower for my good friend Caroline. She is having a baby boy in September and I want her shower to be just perfect!


Haylie's Birthday Party/ Tyler's 1st Pool Day

Daddy & Tyler taking a rest break from the pool. Playing with a Panda stuffed animal

Aunt Jackie getting into the pool. It is not as cold as it looks in the picture.
Like most Foss babies.....Tyler is a water baby through and through. She loves baths but I was not sure how she would feel about the pool. She let out one cry when she first felt the cold water and then she loved it.
Cousins forever!

Haylie & Cassidy celebrating Haylie's 8th birthday (we are only a month late)



kicking in the pool

She was so relaxed in the water that she fell asleep.

kisses for my baby

Mommy this water is kinda cold....not like my bath.
Brian was the photographer...I have no idea why he took a picture of Haylie's messy hair. I don't let him touch my camera often so when he does he gets button happy and just starts snapping off pictures of random things.
Haylie excited to start her party

Trying out the pool for the first time

One foot at a time......


Watching the Wiggles

I have tried to keep Tyler away from the TV...but she looks for it no matter where we are in the room. I let her watch a few minutes of the wiggles in the morning after we get dressed! She loves it!

Pat Pat and Mommy have decided that red is NOT Tyler's color. Still it was a cute outfit!


Going to church...Mom went crazy with the Camera

Seriously mommy....stop taking pictures!

I'm pretty tired this morning!

Check out her hair....need I say more!

I'm a rockstar!

I couldn't resist.....So cute!

Baby feet

Ruffles and lace

Singing...kind of


Daddy's Girl

I will love you forever, I will like you for always,

As long as I am living, My baby you will be!

Tyler Chronicles - Wow...I have hands and fingers


The many expressions of Tyler


Watching TV


I have a secret!


So happy


Tyler Chronicles - Turning into a Giraffe

Mommy bought me this outfit from target....she is dressing me like animals! Mommy thinks I look old in this picture!!!

Wearing my jellies



So I saw a deal on today for 20 Zumba classes for $20 and I decided to buy. Having never done Zumba before I was not sure if I would like it or not but I thought what the heck. In this quest to lose weight I need to mix up my excersize.

My 1st class was on Tuesday and I have never had a better workout in my life! I LOVE LOVE LOVE zumba. It is like Salsa, Indian, Bellydancing, and cheerleading on crack! Plus you workout hard for a full hour (no playing around).

For anyone looking for a fun workout I would highly recommend it. I can't wait for next weeks class. No picture for this (thank goodness), I was a sweaty mess when class was done. Weight Loss Tracking: I need to lose 65lbs!

Tomorrow my step video!!!


Tyler Chronicles: Going to Pat Pat's

Pretty girl....always coordinating her accessories

My girl always wakes up with a smile on her face. She is a super happy girl all day long until 5pm....then she gets fussy.