Lazy Saturday Mornings!!!

hanging out on Saturday. I have my own little chair (perfect for outside or inside...mommy loves that thing) and my lamby...watching cartoons! What could be better. Oh ya...I have owl jammies on!


Mommy Braided my Hair!

Tyler's hair is always falling in her face unless I pull it back. While she was eating breakfast I decided to try and braid her hair. It is a little more challenging than mine because her hair is straight and it slips out easier than my hair but we got it done!


6th Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary!

I can't believe that six years have gone by so quickly. I am so grateful that I married my bestfriend and soulmate. We are the perfect pair in goodtimes and bad. Brian planned a great date-night. In memory of our 2nd date we went to Maggiano's to eat. He also took me to see the Hunger Games movie. The movie was interesting because it was opening weekend and even though we got there early every seat (except the front row) was taken. P.S. this was an IMAX theatre. So we sat in our seats for about two minutes before I was so motion sick I thought I was going to die....and we proceeded to sit on the floor of the theatre by the stairs. We finished the night by getting a slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

It is true what everyone says about loving your spouse more than you did when you got married. I am so grateful for the institution of marriage and all the joy that comes from it.

I'm looking forward to 6 more years!


Pretty Girl

Thanks Aunt Sammy for this super cute outfit and bow!


Post-Birthday Cake

Tyler was a little overwhelmed by the number of people watching her eat cake yesterday at her birthday so we gave her another chance to enjoy her cake!
She loves making a mess on her tray but not so much on herself....
....I spoke too soon!


Birthday Cake Continued

Happy Birthday Tyler

Tyler's 1st Birthday

a year in pictures. Pat Pat made the crochet owls

The canvas painting was from Grandma was so perfect for the party and for tylers bedroom. Gift bags for all the kids at the party.

Chocolate covered Oreo's

sippy cups for all the kids

Thank you to Grandma Taylor for making all the beaufiful banners for Tyler

Mommy & Tyler

Each gift back had an Owl bookmarks and

Disney lullaby CD...and

a slinky...and

an owl chocolate sucker!!!

More chocolate covered oreos made by mommy!

Mommy and Daddy bought Tyler a ball pit for her birthday. Tyler and Claire enjoying the ball pit.

Needless to say the ball pit was a big hit!!!

Tyler, Claire, Emma, & Braxton!!!

Tyler Jeanne DeBruin

Born: March 3, 2011 9:32am

Greensboro, NC - Women's Hospital

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to you!

Happy Birthday to Tyler!

Happy Birhtday to you!

She liked playing in her cake....but she didn't eatch much of it. I think she was overwhelmed by all of the people looking at her.


The buffett

Everyone eating and talking!!!

Jamison & Tyler!!!

They could be related....but they are not....just friends. Aren't they sweet together!

This is a good picture of my mom and I

Foss Tilt