Tyler Chronicles: 1st Pair of Shoes

Definitely not the best picture that I have ever taken but I was trying to get a picture as we were running out the door. Please note Tyler is wearing her jellies. A girl after my own heart...she loves her shoes. (on a side not....I didn't realise that my foot was in the picture but my shoes are pretty cool too!)


Tyler Chronicles - Dancing with the Stars Finale!!!

We take the Dancing with the Stars Finale very seriously....

I love Dancing with the Stars. P.S. Tyler is starting to drool.....a lot!

My mommy is so silly. She is always trying to take self-portraits of us.

Spoiler aler!!! Our couple won! Tyler and I were rooting for Hines Ward the whole time. He was so good. It also helps that he plays for the Steelers which is Brian's team. We were so excited when he won.
Chill 'axin.....just watching Dancing with the Stars with my mom.


Tyler is starting to Coo

Tyler Chronicles: Bad hair day

We just woke up and Tyler was still kind of grumpy! She was having a very bad hair day! You can also tell how much she has grown. She is truly growing like a weed. She gets longer every day.

On another note can I just say how much I love these pj's! First and foremost they are pink and orange which are my favorite colors for Ty....but they have awesome giraffe's on the feet! It is the little things in life that make you happy!


Tyler Chronicles - More snuggle time with Grandma

Grandma DeBruin and I just hanging out on the couch. Ony one more day in MN!

Girls always love their grandma's


Tyler Chronicles - My Grandpa DeBruin

This is the most precious picture of a girl and her grandpa. She was so happy she could hardly stand it!
I love you grandpa. It was so great spending time with you.

I think my Grandpa is sooo funny!

"Very interesting"

Tyler Chronicles - Sleeping again...

Taking a nap on Aunt Wendy's couch. She had to be wrapped in this blanket because she was naked...she was naked because she had an explosive poop that got all over her clothes, her blanket, and mommy!

Tyler Chronicles - My Aunt Wendy

I love my Aunt Wendy.....she is the best Aunt in the whole world. This is the first time we met and I think she is the coolest. I can't wait to go shopping with her.I love you Aunt Wendy. We hung out at Aunt Wendy's house most of Sunday and then we went over to Grandma's to eat dinner and play Clue. "very interesting" inside had to be there. While were at it "Air Pocket"


Tyler Chronicles - Baby Bear

My little eskimo! (plus this is one of maybe 5 times she has ever taken a pacifier)

Tyler and I were getting ready to go visit Aunt Wendy's & Grandma's store The Mouse. It was pretty chilly outside so we had the opportunity to use Tyler's coat. I didn't even realize that there were ears on the hood until I put it on her.

Tyler Chronicles: My Grandma DeBruin

I love my Grandma DeBruin so much! I am so glad that I was able to visit. Grandma told my mommy not to take these pictures because she was in her robe....but mommy didn't listen because she said it was such a sweet moment.
Grandma DeBruin & My hair match!!!


Tyler Chronicles - Snuggling

She was tired from playing with her cousins so much. Cute as a Bug in a Rug!

Spring in Minnesota is like winter in NC. Although people were wearing shorts and short sleeves Tyler and I needed to stay all bundled up. This is Tyler taking a nap on Grandma's living room floor.

Tyler Chronicles - Minnesota

Tyler was letting us know that she was no longer interested in taking pictures.

Savannah & Brett were so excited to get home from school and hang out with Tyler. Grandpa and Grandma made a ton of great food and we played scategories at night.

One of daddy's expressions.

I think she looks so much like me in this picture. I compared one of my baby pictures with this one and they are so similar.

Beautiful ballerina

Tyler Chronicles - Hangin' with my cousins

Three cousins hanging out in Grandma's bed before school! It was so wonderful having the three of them together. Savannah & Brett have gotten so big! They were both so sweet with Tyler. Lots of hugs & kisses!
Savannah 11yrs old, Brett 5yrs old, Tyler 10 weeks old


First airplane ride

Tyler and I went on an adventure to visit our family in Minnesota. This meant Tyler went on her first airplane ride. Everyone thought I was crazy for traveling with a newborn...but I have never been afraid for going on adventures....afterall what is the worst that could happen!

I got a little nervous when we arrived to the airport but it was okay. The only tough part was going through security and getting everything in the buckets (including taking off my baby bjiorn that I had Ty in). Once we were through security it was a piece of cake. This is a picture of Tyler on the plane while I got everything situated. Ty did not cry once on the plane and trust me I could see the fear in the other passengers eyes when they saw a baby on the plane. Everyone commented on how good she was!


Tyler Chronicles - Some days you just feel like a FROG!

Happy Frogs!

This is Tyler's giant stuffed frog and this his her frog hat that Aunt Sammy made for her! I see some similarities. I know that Tyler will probably hate me for taking pictures like this but I can honestly say that it was Aunt Jackies idea!


Tyler Chronicles: Playing with the puppy!

Sidney & Tyler hanging out on the couch. Sidney is so good with the baby. The only thing we have to watch is that she doesn't lick the babies face.
"hi Sidney"
"hi baby"

Sidney does not like the flash on the camera

Everyone relaxing. Sidney likes to be near the baby. She is very loving and sweet!

Playtime after my bottle

Tyler Chronicles

This is my view when I am feeding Ty! She likes to stare right into your eyes whenever she is eating. If you can tell from the picture....she has graduated from her 4oz bottles to the 8oz bottles (she is eating 5oz per feeding).


My 1st Mother's Day

This post is better late than never. This was a wonderful mothers day! We went to church and then Brian took me out to lunch. What a difference 1 year can make. I miss Ben & Zane and I am so unbelievably happy to have Tyler.

This is our family away from family!!! Our best friends in North Carolina! It was amazing that we were all together at the same time. We have gone from young married couples to young familes with the additions of Tommy, Carlin, Emma, Braxton, and Tyler (in that order). Soon to be arriving baby Ella and Baby Evelyn!



Making Cupcakes!!!


Tyler and I are making cupcakes for tonight. We are having friends over and needed a treat. On a side note....I now love yellow cake. Anyone who knows me, knows I adore chocolate anything but since being pregnant with Tyler...I now love Yellow cake.

Tyler is a little distracted by her owl friends but she helped keep mommy company while she made cupcakes in these awesome cupcake holders. (ps...when the cupcakes were done they were beautiful...the paper holders expand as they cook and make the cupcakes look like pinwheels.)


Tyler Chronicles: Ouch!!!

Tyler had her 2-month well-baby visit today. She is perfect (as mommy expected). She is now 11 pounds and 10 ounces. She is 22 1/4 inches tall. She is growing like a weed and doing great. It was a sad appointment because she had to get her vaccines. She cried and cried but she calmed down quickly. You can see her distain in the picture above. She had a low-grade fever, didn't sleep well that night, and then she threw up most of her food the next day. She is back to new now!

Two shots in this leg...
One shot in this leg

Please ignore the budha belly and focus on my boo boo's. At least I got three Tweety Bird bandaids.


Tyler Chronicles: Day 58

You're kissable and cuddly,

You're lovable and sweet,

You Thrill my every minute,

And sweep me off my feet,
You're charming and disarming,

Disrable and true,

You inspire and impress me,

And that's why I love you!