Fat Lip

 Our poor baby!  One minute she is running along having a great thing you know she trips over one of her golf clubs on the floor and she has a fat lip.  She didn't even really cry!  Brian and I didn't know anything was wrong until she was sitting with daddy & lamby and all of a suddent Brian notices blood on lamby!!!
 We start to investigate immediatly and discover that she has ripped her frenulum (sp?)......yes we had to look this up!  It is the little piece of skin that attaches your upper lip to your gums.  We learned the following:
1) It is fairly common for them to rip in toddlers
2) no you don't need to go to the doctor (there is nothing they can do)
3) because there is a lot of blood (a lot of blood) it looks worse then it is
4) no they don't grow back
5) it doesn't matter that they don't grow back because you don't really need it for anything
6) How to treat: light pressure, ice pack to stop bleeding and lessen swelling
Although this was a first for Brian & I....I think we handled it well!  Not too much freaking fainting from blood....not too much crying.  I am sure this will not be the last.  Tyler is fearless and clumsy...not a great combination!


Lake Crabtree - Lazy Afternoon

 After our playdate at the park Tyler, Brian, & I went to Lake Crabtree for the afternoon.  Tyler loved the playing in the water and the sand.  We had to leave because a storm was coming (as you can see)

My 1st Time Hosting a Playdate

So here is the story behind this.  I don't think I knew I was a homebody or fairly shy until my wedding.  All I had ever dreamed of was this huge wedding with me as the star......however I remember right before my brother walked me down the isle and I saw all the people I was terrified (not of getting married but of being in front of all those people).  To that end I told my brother to walk as fast as possible down the isle. 

Fast-forward to today - I know everyone who knows me would probably not describe me as shy because I am outgoing with them and a little over-the-top with everything I do.....however I have a very hard time meeting new people!  You would think I would be a pro with as much as I moved around as a kid but nonetheless I am shy when it comes to knew people.  Add on to that - I am no good at small talk.  When you put these two things together I become very awkward! 

So moving to Morrisville (where I don't know anyone) and the fact that I don't work in an office anymore, makes me a very lonely girl (I blame Sam...for moving to Ohio) Just kidding!  Anyway....I went out on a limb and joined a group on for working mommys and decided to host a playday at the park by my house.  I was bringing a snack for everyone and this is what I came up with.  The snack was good but Brian said the note was funny (kind of pathetic)'s true but I didn't know what else to do. 

I never thought as a grown woman I would be back on the dating scene....but this time I am trying to find girl friends!  I have seen a couple of articles about this in parents magazine but nothing that has been useful. 

Playdate was well attended....Tyler had fun....and I met some nice people....but know one called or emailed me afterwards for follow-up playdates!  Oh well.  I will try again soon!


Strawberry Shortcake

Normally I don't love super cutesy outfits but this one was so precious that I took a chance and Tyler looks so sweet in it!  This is Tyler's morning wake-up time which includes watching Mickey Mouse Club House OR Jake and the Neverland Pirates while drinking milk!


Like Daddy, Like Daughter

Anyone that knows Brian....knows he groans as soon as he seems me pull out the camer (which is often)!  I think Tyler is starting to feel like that too!  Same expression on their face!  Daddy was on his way to a work appointment.  He is so handsome!

Playground Adventure

 This is our 1st trip to a playground!  We are luck because there is a super nice one right down the road from our new house in Morrisville!
 Tyler was pretty fearless!  She climbed right up the stairs and across the bridge!
 ....then she had no idea what to do and she started to cry for mommy to come get her!
 She had a lot of fun exploring.....she found a lot of bugs to stomp on and sticks to put in her mouth!

 She liked playing in the puddles at the end of the slides
She had not interest sliding down the slide......but she loved trying to climb up!


Safari Tyler

Seriously......Tyler is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen (who cares that I am bias because I am her mom).  This is her rendition of Safari Barbie!  Love my girl!


Fun to be One

 Tyler loves hats!  Whenever she finds a hat she just has to wear it!  Funny enough she looks GREAT in hats which I think is great! 
 Emma is also "Fun to be One"
 Two of the most beautiful girls in the world.  They are the sweetest little friends! 
 Checking out each others outfits.....and thinking about giving each other a hug
This was our last playdate before the Magee's started their next big adventure.  The moved all the way to Akron, Ohio!  It was very bitter sweet because on the one hand I was thrilled for my friend to be able to move closer to family which is something she has wanted for a long time.  On the other hand (selfishly) I was so heartbroken that she was moving away!  As any woman knows it is incredibly hard to find a friend that truly loves you for who you are and not who you pretend to be for others! 

Sam is that friend for me!  It was completly random that we met through other friends at church, and a crazy circumstance that made us close but she and I seem to dance to the beat of the same drum (however off-beat that may be)

Sam is the most generous, loving, crazy, sweet, funny (hilarious really), creative, smart person I have ever met!  She is a serious nerd when it comes to school, she loves to read, and she has a truly giving heart.  We tend to compliment each other in just the right way.  We are both overly sensitive which means we are always over analyzing everything....but in our own neurotic ways we get each other.

It was quite a shock for me to learn that Sam was was really hard for me to see her go and there is not a day that I don't miss her (and snuggling E & B)!  It is hard not having that person just down the road that you can always depend on!  I know that we are only a phone call away (which means crazy cell phone bills) and I don't think we have missed many weekly conversations but still I wish that I could just jump in the car and visit my friend.  I know that our friendship is one that will last a lifetime.  We will be the crazy ladies that move in together and have way to many animals to be considered sane!

As in true Ashley style I have tried to always be positive on the phone with Sam as I know she is homesick for NC too sometimes!  But in truth......I miss you and I wish you had not moved!  I can't wait to come visit you in Ohio!  I am so grateful for our friendship and that God put us on each other's path!  If I had had a sister I would have wanted it to be you!



For Mother's Day Brian & Shawn got Sam & I tickets to go see Wicked.  This is a broadway show that I have always wanted to see. 
Sam & I had a fabulous girls night!  We started off the evening at the Cheesecake Factory (my favorite place).  I love their chicken marsala and godiva chocolate cheesecake.
We then drove over to venue and then we climbed like 900 stairs (we almost didn't make was touch & go there for a while)
The show was SO Amazing!  It was better then I ever imagined...I would highly recommend this show to anyone.  I was blown away by the sets and special effects!
This was the perfect night out!