Bart & Carolyn Simpson Wedding Reception

Bart has been a friend of Brian's since college. They were in a fraternity together at NC State. It was great to celebrate their happiness.

Bart & Carolyn got married in Hawaii a few weeks earlier. This was their reception at the NC Coast.

It was a very pretty shower. It was also extremly hot.

This is me hanging out with Barry's girlfriend Andrea. My hair looked good when we arrived but it was so hot I had to put it in a ponytail and no one told me I looked like a weird samurai looking dude.

The after party. It was great to change into a t-shirt and shorts.

As a side not I did not pick Brian's shirt nor is it a reflection of my views and preferences. (lol)


Haylie's 6th Birthday Party

Anyone who knows my Aunt Jackie knows that she absolutely loves fish! Since we were having a swim party for Haylie it seemed like a great theme!

Can you believe it....I actually made this cake myself. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. My one word to the wise would be whenever trying to frost a cake that you have cut into different shapes you need to smooth the edges with water. It makes it a ton easier!

Brian super enthusiastic about a kids birthday party. Aunt Jackie in he background taking pictures.

Big brother Sage having a blast in the pool!

Haylie and one of her best girlfriends!

Fish Cake w/ Candles lit

Happy Happy Birthday Haylie!

Haylie loved blowing the noise maker into the back of Brian's head...especially when he was trying to read his book.

Opening presents!

Zillions of Littlest Pet Shop stuff