Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween from the DeBruin's
Brian and I invited Jackie, Sage, and Haylie over to carve pumpkins. We had a fun night. The kids got bored pretty fast but that is okay.

Too bad we did not get more pictures of all our pumpkins. I am pretty sure I won best pumpkin....although Jackies wins for being 3-D


Go Steelers!

Brian has been a Steelers fan since he was 7 years old but he had never been to a game in Pittsburgh. I decided to surprise Brian for an early 40th birthday present!

I bought him two tickets to the Steelers vs San Diego October 4, 2011. Brian and I drove up to Pittsburgh which was about 9 hours. It was a very pretty drive.

Our friends Sam & Shawn grew up right outside Pittsburgh so they went and visited with family and went to the game too. Sam's childhood bestfriend Julie and her fiance' came with us. This was our group picture as we were walking to Heinz Field.

Picture of Pittsburgh. Mental note...never never never get lost in Pittsburgh. It is extremely confusing with all the one-way streets and bridges.

Brian & I (10 weeks pregnant with the twins)

Almost game time. It is definitely a wild place with a ton of energy and anticipation.

This would be our ride back to where we parked.

Just about to go into the stadium. The temperature is dropping quickly. We were both so excited.

Stadium was full and it was awesome having front row seats. You only turn 40 once and I wanted to splurge on Brian. In the future we would recommed 4 or 5 rows back so you can see over all the sideline people.

Steelers won but it came down to the last two minutes as it always does. Brian and I were so cold. It was freezing outside.

Pittsburgh at night. It was a beautiful city.

Heinz Field

View from the boat on the ride back to the car