Tyler's First Christmas - Rochester MN

Grandmad DeBruin's Christmas Tree.....please note all the presents (we all said we were not going to buy anything for each other as we are all saving to go to Hawaii in July) I guess we forgot!
Mommy & Tyler....We went to church on Christmas Eve with the family which was really nice. Unfortunately daddy got really sick when we arrived in MN and he spent most of the week in bed!
"what you doing mommy?"
Tyler "eating" I mean unwrapping presents (this was not a present for her by the way)
Tyler & Grandma DeBruin (so sad these turned out blurry)

"Grandma....I want to wear your glasses"

Tyler, Aunt Wendy, Cousin Savannah & Brett
Cousins (Savannah 11, Brett 6, Tyler 9 months)

My favorite Nephew in the world. Brett is so creative. He loves to color, draw, and write stories. He is such a loving and sweet boy. He and I love to watch Phineas & Ferb together.

I have the cutest niece & nephew ever! So beautiful!

We have a special tradition that we go out to breakfast in our PJ's. We went to Perkins on the last day of my visit. It was so fun...but it was soooo cold!
My neice is soooo tall!
Savannah "Savvy" is the sweetest girl in the world. She is so beautiful and so smart. She is in middle school and she is doing so well. She loves to play volleyball and to go shopping!

"Home Alone Face"

Opening presents with the kids on Christmas Eve....they were going to their dads house on Christmas day so we spent Christmas Eve with them. It was a great night.

Uncle Barry turned 40 on Christmas Eve! All the grown ups went to dinner on 12/23 to celebrate his birthday...and then he got to open his birthday presents on Christmas Eve.

Uncle Barry and his fiance' Christy with Savannah...showing off their matching Hawaii shirts. Barry and Christy are getting married in Waliea Maui on July 22, 2012. We can't wait to celebrate with them!

Ash The Cat in Baby Jumper

This is my sister-in-law Wendy's cat Ash.....she is the coolest cat! She likes to take rides in the baby stroller and then we put her in the jumper and she liked that too!


Burlington Ward Holiday Party

Not the best picture or Grandma....but it was the only one I got that morning. The Burlington Ward had a pancake breakfast Christmas Party.
I LOVE this picture of Aunt Jackie & Haylie
Tyler's 2nd introduction to Tyler!

Haylie did not want to sit on Santa's lap but her mom made her!

I love this look!


Playtime in the Morning

Christmas Cookie Party

All set up for the cookie decorating party!
I had every kind of frosting & candy you could think of available to decorate with!
Our lives have changed so much over the last year.....there was probably more baby chasing than cookie decorating but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Sam and her twins Braxton & Emma

Tyler's bestfriend Emma!

Everyone is on the move these days.
The finished product!

Tyler's Golf Pants

I loved this outfit sooo much that I paid full price for it. I just love the golf style plaid pants!

Watching cartoons as always!


Christmas Card Photo Shoot

This is how the pictures started....Tyler was less then enthused to be all dressed up. She just wanted to play!
I get this look a lot when she doesn't want to do something or she is frustrated......this face is almost always accompanied by growling!
Starting to cooperate

Pretty girl
Boydie told me I should stand Tyler up against a wall to help her learn balance and to start walking. She did great standing all by herself.
Thank goodness for the smile!

"Mommy....this is what I think about taking pictures"

Fish Face

"Mom.....I am reading.....hello!"

She loves sucking her thumb

I love this smile......She is the greatest blessing in my life!