Dairy Queen

Daddy brought dairy queen home for dinner (he so kindly did not bring me any ice cream because of my "diet").  At the time I was irked...but I am struggling with my weight so it was a good hindsight!

Tyler LOVED the ice cream with carmel & hot fudge.  She and daddy ate the whole thing!

Tyler has not learned how to use forks or spoons yet....but she did awesome with the ice cream!  Mostly because mommy does not give her too many opportunities to practice (when she does use them...the food ends up in her hair which is an automatic bath/hair washing/blow-drying session)


New Kittens!

Meet the newest DeBruin's.  Tyler loves kitties so we decided to move past our grief of losing Charlie (the best cat ever) and get a new cat.  I however am a sucker and ended up bringin home two!  They were rescued from a kill shelter.  I couldn't leave one there since they were sisters!
Joey aka "stinky"


When we got them...they barely weighed 1lb.  They are only 5-6 weeks old. 

The black one is mine and the tiger striped is Brian's.  Tyler loves them both.  We have to watch her because she wants to hold them and every once in a while she will have one in a choke-hold carrying it around by it's neck.  She doesn't want to hurt them....she is trying to love on them. 


Goose Egg

Neither Brian nor I can remember what caused this!!!!  All I remember is Brian saying "now this is something you should take a picture of"
Our girl never cried....she just looks stunned for a minute and runs for mommy!


Tyler's Tude!

I couldn't resist....I just love baby feet!  Tyler now has size 4 feet.....

Foreshadowing of what is to come!  Funny I remember buying that dress at target for Tyler before she was even born!  My mom and I were shopping for all the stuff I needed after the babyshower.


Pullen Park

Nothing like playing on a swing with your daddy!