Tyler's 1st Haircut

Tyler's 1st haircut!  I went back and forth for weeks before I finally made the decision to cut her hair.  Her hair was beautiful but it was all uneven.  I definitely plan on growing her hair super long but I want it to be all one length.

kind of nervous
Right after!  My friend Kristy cut her hair.  I actually sat in the chair and Tyler sat on my lap.  She did great and did not wiggle hardly at all.

All done....she looks so grown up now!  Mommy did not cry at all.  Even though I cut off 5 inches she still had more hair then most 13 month olds.


Burlington City Park

Pretty girl....getting ready for a day at Burlington City Park with our friends
Sam & Emma

Tyler & Aunt Sam
Cracks me up that they both have the Elvis snarl.  I guess like father, like son!

Emma has the most beautiful eyes
1st merry-go-round ride

1st train ride

Tyler & I sat out on the 2nd train ride...she had enough the 1st time around!

Eating fish crackers...watching the train go around
The Magee's (pretty amazing that they are all looking at me at the same time)


Easter 2012

Tyler right after church
Running after daddy

I can't even explain how much I love this dress!  I almost didn't buy it but I am so glad that I did. 

My beautiful girl!

Daddy's Girl
What was amazing to me was that this was completely unprompted.  Tyler did this all on her own.  She is so sweet and she loves her daddy so much.

I love this picture!

Our last family photo in front of our house!