Daddy Time

It seems like all the daddy time is spent on the couch watching tv!


Christmas Tree & Mantle

Our kitties found there new favorite place to sleep

I made this garland the first year we were married....although it is a little different every year it turns out great!
Decorating our house for Christmas


Getting our Christmas Tree

Since we have been married Brian & I have either traveled during the holidays and have not put up a tree or we have had a fake tree.  This was our first year going to a tree lot in search of the perfect tree!
Daddy wait for me!

There was a guy at the lot who had this awesome steel train set with track.  He said that it was his dads and that he had just restored the whole thing.  Tyler loves trains so she was fascinated.  She loved sitting in the train but unfortunately she was too small to ride with the train actually moving! 
She moved from seat to seat...inspecting them all
We found the perfect tree and the guys on the lot took care of the rest.  They sawed the bottom...shook it to get all the dry needles off....wrapped it up and strapped it on my car!

Merry Christmas from the DeBruin Ladies!


Goting to see Santa

The annual tradition of visiting Santa Claus.  I knew it was unlikely that Tyler would sit on Santa's lap this year since she is a VERY clingy girl lately but I though we would give it a try.  She wouldn't sit with Santa alone so mommy got the opportunity to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas!  It's a secret!


Daddy's Shoes

Tyler loves shoes.....I mean what's not to love!
A lot of the time she will put them on her hands and walk around but she put daddy's shoes on her feet (the right feet) and the she walked around the kitchen.  She looked so much like ronald mcdonald!
Love this girl!


Durham Museum of Life & Sciences

This was Tyler & I's second time to this museum but it was Daddy's first time.  Tyler had never played at the wooden park so it was something new for her to do.

Climbing up the fort ladder...with daddy's help

Sitting on the engine of the train!  Trying to get a picture of these two is like herding cats!
I give up
She was a little nervous with this dino this time

Digging for fossils with daddy
We also got to go to the petting zoo which was awesome because it was closed the first time we came.  It was exciting because they had 5-6 baby alpacas which were shaved except for their heads.  I wish I had gotten a picture!


Playing at Crabtree Park

We are so lucky to have such a nice park/lake less then five minutes from our house.  We met up with moms from the working moms group for a quick playdate.
Running around trying to catch bubbles
Playing at the park

She was being really silly

Pictures of me and Tyler which is fairly rare!  It was a great day at the park.  It was warmer than normal for November so we took advantage of the weather.