After Church in MN

I bought this dress for Tyler long before she could actually wear it at a consignment still had the tags on it brand new!  Good thing I brought it with us because it actually was hard to button up and was a little snug through her chest.

Playing outside behind Grandma & Grandpa's house.  They have a pretty pond with ducks!

Grandma had the biggest most awesome Hostas ever!
Tyler found the birdbath and was super interested right away!
First comes the inspection!
Then you see your reflection! decide I am going to get that little kid!
Then you go for it!  There are not pictures to tell the rest of the story which is She Came, She Grabbed, The birdbath conquered!  The top was not permanent to the base and so when she grabbed it tipped all the freezing cold water all over her!  September in MN is still warmish but the water was from over night and it was super cold!  It was quite a shock...and it ended the photo shoot for the day!


Visiting Uncle Mike

We were so lucky...that we were able to visit Uncle Mike while in MN for the weekend.  Uncle Mike gave Tyler her first Capri Sun...which Tyler LOVED!
Uncle Mike & Ty
Hanging out with the Byers clan!  Love my Uncle & my Cousins!


Making Cake Pops!

Whenever Aunt Ashley comes into town we have to do some kind of fun (messy) craft or food project....we just have too!  We decided to make cake pops since...Grandma tried to make them with Savvy & Brett and they were a disaster!
This was the cake crumbling stage...I let the kiddos have the honor!

So gross....does anyone actually want to eat cake pops now that you know how they are made!

Finally the cake balls are ready for dipping!
Our gorgeous final creations!

In the meantime...this was Tyler playing in the Taffy's dog cage.  She liked it in there a lot.  The dog did not care for her being in there that much!  Taffy being just a puppy was probably at her worst while we were there visiting!  The dog barked constantly and tried to attack Brett & a playful way.  We tried a bark control sound luck.  We then returned it and got a remote control shock collar...nope that didn't work either!  Tyler did not love Taffy!


I think there is something on my face!!!

Tyler and I flew to Rochester, MN to visit our family.  Our first stop was to go see Aunt Wendy at her store The Mouse!  Halloween was in full swing!


Eating Spaghettio's

As you can see most of the spaghettio's are on her tray versus in her bowl or in her mouth!


Giggling at LaLa's House

Tyler's Nanny Laura "LaLa" took this video of Tyler getting a diaper change!  Such a sweet girl!  The voice you hear is Maddy, Laura's daughter and she keeps saying "John Luca" none of us know why that was funny to TJ!


Marbles Childrens Museum

This was our first trip to the Marbles Children's Museum in Raleigh!  It really exceeded my expectations.  Tyler literally played there until she was so tired that she laid down on the floor and she was ready for her nap!

This is in the toddler woodland room!  Although Tyler liked was a little slow for her!
She loved carrying all the animals around....and looking at herself in the mirrors

We took some time to relax on the log cabin porch!  Ty loves rocking chairs!

This was a doll house....tree house style.  She looked at this for 5 seconds and then she was off...
The grocery store area was definitely her favorite section.  She loved filling up her shopping cart with all the food and then pushing it around!  I think that she likes anything with wheels!
The garden

Helping the animals at the animal hospital!  This is the best memory of the day.  She found this stuffed beagle that was bigger than she was but she dragged this poor animal all over the museum!

Building something fabulous

Every girl needs a convertible

She loved playing with the dinosaurs!
She loves the trains....she takes after papa


Playing in the water section.  The smocks were way too big for her and I think they weighed more than her...but she made it work

She found another beagle to torture...I mean play with!

Ball pit...kind of

She really liked the sports area....but there were a lot more big kids in this area so mom had to be much closer!
Playing soccer
Dancing to the music on the giant ipod!

This is was a great day for mommy & tyler.  So much so that mommy bought an annual pass!