Tyler's 1st Halloween

Our Sweet Puppy!

What is this?
You can kind of see her teeth in this picture!
She is so cute!

"mom...whats going on?"

She is a very healthy girl!!!! This picture kind of shows how long her hair is getting! She unfortunatley has a mullet thing going on right now. As soon as the top layer of hair gets longer I will cut it so it is all even!

Although I know Tyler will hate me for these in the future....what kind of mommy would be if I didn't have the occasional naked pictures!


Pumpkin Carving Party

Happy Spooktacular Halloween! Everyone knows how much I love Halloween! I would love to have thrown a huge party but those days are gone! Instead we had some close friends over for dinner and a pumpkin carving contest. I made potato soup and pulled-pork sliders. Our friends brought oreo truffles in the shape of eyeballs, a pumpkin roll, and apples with carmel. These were the creations of the night! Pretty good!

Such a different dynamic this year.....all the dads were getting down and dirty carving the pumpkins while all us moms kept a listening ear out for babies.
Thanks to the Magee's, Schledorns, Mizes, Humphries, and Hesters for joining us.

The view from up above.

I had decorated my dinning room for Halloween so that we could eat dinner in there....but with people arriving at different times and the influx of kids running all around it was impossible. We all just ate where we stood or in the living room. Brian says casual is better anyway.

On another note: the night was not as much fun for me as I had hoped. Tyler threw her 1st big tantrum right before/during the party. There was nothing that I could do to console her....she just kept yelling at me and then crying. I ended up having to excuse myself and take her upstairs for a bottle and bedtime. Although this was the first I am sure it will not be the last! I handled it okay...considering..but I couldn't seem to get back into the spirit of things!



Pumpkin Patch

It was a very fun day as a family! Next year Tyler will appreciate it more but it was great for me! Happy Halloween from The DeBruin's!
I don't think we will ever get a good family photo...
Waiting for the Great Pumpkin to arrive
"I pick this one"
"mom....what am I going to do with these...they don't fit in my mouth"

Tyler was not sure what to think about the pumpkins but we let her explore for a while! We had to cut it short because we were all wearing long sleeves and it got really hot!
I did not expect the hay ride but Brian was a good sport about the whole thing. it was probably the shortest hayride ever but the little kids really liked it. They dropped us off at a hay maze that led us into a bubble forest (walking though a path of trees with bubble machines blowing)

LOVE this picture. Such a daddy's girl!
This was my favorite part of the Pumpkin Patch. There were a few different animals that we could pet (goat, pony, rabbits, roosters) but the baby cow "Oreo" was so sweet and soft. As soon as I sat Tyler down next to her she the cow put her head in Tyler's lap. It was adorable!!

Tyler was less interested in the calf and more interested in trying to eat the hay!

Random Turkey!


Saying Goodbye

Boydie & Tyler (that look on her face is definite reminder that she is my baby. I was looking through my baby pictures and there is more than one with me pouting just like that!)
My boydie!

We had a big spaghetti dinner the night before Boydie went back to Canada. Brian loves Grandma's meatballs! It was nice to have everyone together! It didn't really hit me that Boydie was leaving until Haylie & Sage started to say goodbye. The tears started right away and I realized that this was goodbye for now. I know that I am luckier than most to have had my great-grandmother in my life for 30 years but it is always sad for her to go back to Canada. It seems like she just got here.

I am very grateful that she was able to spend time with Tyler. Special memories were created!

I started crying too when it was time to go! I may be a mommy but I am still a great-grandaughter and it was hard to see Boydie go. I love you Boydie! Aunt Jackie, Haylie, & Sage with Boydie!

Boydie & Haylie

They have a special relationship as Pat Pat watched Haylie when she was little and Boydie was there full-time. Boydie would do schoolwork with Haylie and they sat and watched birds all day long. This goodbye was really hard for Haylie.

Boydie & Sage



This picture is amazing to me considering how different life was for all of us just one year ago! I am very blessed to be surrounded by such loving friends. I have found so much love and support from this group of women (never a shortage of laughs either).

Tracy & Baby Carlin (1yr), Nancy & Tommy (2yrs, Baby Evelyn 10weeks not pictured), Jeanne & Baby Jamison (6weeks), Carrie & Baby Ella (4-5 months), Me & Tyler, Sam & Babies Emma & Braxton (1 year). We also missed our friend Kristy as she was not able to come to the Pig Pickin.

Making Cupcakes

We were invited to a Pig Pickin' so Tyler and I made Chocolate Carmel (snicker) cupcakes. I am trying different ways to make these so they are just perfect. So far I have the moistness just perfect but the carmel swirl needs to be more prominent and less messy.

Tyler asked me to tell everyone not to look at her hair as she just woke up! Her hair really does have a mind of its own. Brian and I both have a ton of hair....and she got that thickness paired with daddy's cowlicks. Not the best combination but it gets better every day.

These are her favorite toys right now since she is teething. The only other thing that she is missing is her sock monkey!

Tyler is a very good helper. She is always in the kitchen when I am cooking. I hope she develops a love of cooking like I do.


Pink Cowgirl

Pink Cowboy Boots

Our pink cowgirl!

Pat Pat bought Tyler a pair of pink cowboy boots! I think I am training her youg to have a love (okay maybe obsession) with shoes! I mean what's not to love!
I love shoes!!!


MVI 2405

Tyler's 7 Months Old

Tyler is 7 Months Old

(mommy has perfected pigtails)

Boydie & Pat Pat whistle to Tyler a lot and she has started trying to do it too! She puts her lips togther and blows spit out!!! Unfortunately I can't whistle at all...never could so she has to have daddy do it with her at home! She was in the middle of giggling
I love the month of October (maybe it is because jewel tones suit me the best)! I don't know why....but I love October and Halloween. This little outfit has a kitty with a witch's hat on plus her kitty fur bows!
7 month milestones

Tyler is an accomplished roller....anywhere she needs to go she does so by rolling

She also has no trouble sitting up on her own and she can transition to laying down from a sitting position.

Her hair is down the middle of her back

She giggles a lot

She is extremely ticklish

She sleeps 12 hours at night and she takes two naps during the day for 2.5-3 hours each

She has eaten a wide variety of foods...her favorites being pears and yogurt

She is finally cutting her 1st tooth on the bottom middle (broke through 10/9/11)

She loves her stuffed duck Eliott and her Littlest Pet Shop Panda

Her favorite toy besides her Jumperoo is her Backyardigans Guitar

She loves music and dancing

I think Tyler looks so much like me in this picture!!!