Marbles Spooky Halloween Party

Daddy & I took Ty to the Marbles Children's Museum Halloween Party (what a mad house)...I mean it was awesome!  Tyler held her own with the amount of kids there.  She didn't let herself get pushed around.  She just played and played.
Daddy & Ty tucking in a baby in the "hospital nursery"
In the fire truck
Always in the passenger seat...she never wants to drive the car
We spent a lot of time at the trains

Daddy went up on stage with Tyler for the Costume parade...but Tyler was VERY overwhelmed by the amount of people.....not sure the museum really thought this through. 
Hanging out on the bleachers ready to go home!


Lil Gym Halloween Party

This Tyler's Gymnastics class Halloween party at The Lil Gym!
Pretty cool to watch her progress...when we started the class in June she definitely could not do the balance beam and now she can do it all by herself!

She also likes doing the big balance beam but as you can see she was not interested in waiting her turn

My beautiful Peacock
Tyler was fascinated with all the other kids costumes.  I love the look on her face
Playing group games....kind of
Low bars
Getting ready to run across the tumble mat
Underneath the circus tent
This was one of her favorites

Her "bow"
Time for a snack...more ended up on her shirt than in her mouth but she did a good job holding with both hands

Costume Contest Prizes.....drum roll please........
TYLER WON!!!!!!!!!!!!  She got a t-shirt and a frisbee for having the best costume!


Working Moms Halloween Party

I joined a working moms group on I was REALLY nervous about.  You never know what type of people you are going to meet or if you are going to like anyone.  I went to a couple of events before the Halloween Party so I knew a few faces which was nice.
Tyler really liked this was definitely very kid friendly with lots of toys, small petting zoo, and pumpkin patch
She loved this one horse that you could sit on....she just kept petting and hugging on it.  Then she started giving other kids dirty looks if they sat on "her" horse!

The picnic/play area

This is Sandra and her daughter Juliette.  We have gone to a few different events together.  Such a great family picture.


Naylor Farm & Pumpkin Patch

I did a lot of research online trying to find another cool pumpkin patch that had a good petting zoo since that is what Tyler is most interested in.  I found Naylor farm which looked good online....but once we got there was kind of weak.  I am starting to think my expectations are too high!
Tyler loved seeing the pigs...this was her first time!

Then we had to run back up to the barn to catch the hayride to the pumpkin patch
These are our friends Avery and her mommy Marla.  We met at Lil Gym.

Picking out another pumpkin...she did not really have that good a time...every time I put her down she cried so I ended up holding her and the pumpkin!

Even though you are having a rough day....mommy loves you anyway
Back to the petting zoo area where she got to feed goats and cows!
Ya...for hand sanitizer after the petting zoo

Time to go home!