Tyler's getting So Big

I can't believe how fast time has flown by and how big my girl is getting! Pat Pat loves this outfit on her. I think it makes her look she is ready to go to school!


1st Pair of real blue jeans

The jeans were a little stiff (every girl knows that feeling)...hopefully they will losen up. Jeans are always better the second day.
Getting ready to eat breakfast and go to Pat Pat's house
I love all the stitching and detail on the jeans. They are very authentic...not like jeans with elastic in them for babies.


So tired!

Tyler loves her jumperoo more than any other toy. She will jump in it until she falls asleep. This is a picture that Pat Pat took of her


Bad Hair Day....Again!!!

I try to do Tyler's hair but it has a mind of its own!!!


Birthday Song

Happy Birthday Sage!!!!

We planned Sage's birthday party to be held at my pool. We had never tried that before because every year before the pool has already closed for the season....I guess for good reason! We arrived at the everything unloaded from the cars, everything decorated. The kids showed up and all the kids jumped into the freezing pool! No sooner had they done that that it started to thunder/lighting/rain. We had to leave the pool area. So the moms helped us load up all the cars and we relocated the party to my basement were we let the boys run around like crazy and keep themseleves entertained.

Beautiful Family Picture
Tyler loves balloons.

I love this picture!!!

Jackie had soda, chips, cookie cake (decorated by Sage) and a rice krispie cake (decorated by Haylie)
I think that Sage had fun which was all that was important

I had left Tyler home with Daddy when I went up to the pool because she was sick with a cold. since the party came to our house she was able to hang out when she woke up from her nap

She always wakes up with a smile on her face


Tyler & Boydie

There is nothing in the world like a snuggle with Boydie!

Whenever Boydie talks or plays with Tyler she is all smiles. It's very funny!

I have so many wonderful memories with Great Grandma Boyd! There are not that many people that have the ooportunity to spend 29 years with their Great Grandmother. I remember baking chocolate chip cookies, her mom's fried potatoes, cabbage & ham, pies in every variety.

I also remember thinking the potty at her house was so funny because it had one of those foam seat cushions that was super soft! I remember that she always smelled like Olay lotion. We would walk from her house down the street to pick apples from the apple trees to make pies.

When I slept over at her house we would always wake up early and do our excersizes....she would dab egg whites on her face to help prevent wrinkles and she would always take me to Chuck E Cheese (only now do I realise what a huge thing that is...what a nightmare)

I guess this is all to say I Love You Boydie!!!!


Tyler's 6 Months Old

I tried to do an impromptu photo shoot with Tyler after church. We were a few days late of her 6 month mark....but thats how it goes these days!

Tyler started being able to sit by herself shortly after we got back from Florida in August. She was wobbly for a couple of weeks but quickly learned to balance herself.
My brown-eyed Girl!!!
This is the devilish look that scares me for the future.

Buddah Belly

I saw a picture of a baby's back in a magazine but my version did not turn out like that at all. Thought I would keep it anyway!

She looks like Brian in this picture!

My baby has rolls upon rolls upon rolls!!!

After Church!

Quack Quack!!!

This picture really doesn't do this dress justice but it was the best that I could manage. Among many other more important reasons that having a baby girl is the best....are the clothes!

Tyler's Many Faces...again

I'm done!


Pig Tails!

Thank goodness Tyler is so beautiful on her own. This was my 1st attempt at pigtails (sad I know!). I know what you are hard could it be? But I will tell you that I am struggling with Tyler's straight hair. With my hair being SUPER curly, if you put it in a stays there! I am finding with straight hair it is difficult to smooth and then hair eventually starts to fall out of the ponytail holders!

I also have to say that Tyler is a good sport about having her hair washed...most mommy's don't have to worry about washing their babies full head of hair and then making sure it is dry before bed. Tyler does not really love people messing with her hair (just like mommy) so I am trying to get better at getting it right the first time.


Go Steelers Go!

Daddy is a Steeler's fan (most days...) so he is starting Tyler young.
Love the socks that look like little MaryJane shoes

Sitting up on her own!

Waking Tyler Up in the Morning


PJ Party

Our friends came over for our weekly bible study (small group). Since all of the kids are getting to the point where they don't want to stay in their car seats we all have to put the kids down to sleep before we can get started. Emma & Braxton got to our house a little early to pay with Tyler! are a little close....I need some personal space!

My girl...already trying to take Braxton this is how you play with this toy!
I admit....I don't have a clue when it comes to buying age appropriate toys for what has been happening is that when we go play with Emma & Braxton at their house I watch to see which one of their toys Tyler likes and then I go buy the. (imitation is the greatest for of flattery). So it is no big surprise that Emma & Braxton feel right at home in the middle of the toy pile! Everyone playing before bedtime!


Tyler & Daddy

Tyler is definitely a daddy's girl already...then again what's not to love!

I am not sure if she is trying to watch TV or if she was trying to look at the ceiling fan!
These two are very difficult to get pictures of together (I blame daddy)
Monday night football! GO STEELERS (actually I can't remember who was playing but daddy is training her young)
Tyler has been teething on and off for a while. She loves Sofie the giraffe (renamed Gerry by daddy). She naws on his nose and ears. Thanks Uncle Barry and Christy for the present!
The are super cute together. Seeing Brian in a father role has made me fall in love with him all over again. When we were dating I never had any doubt about his ability to be a great father but seeing it in action is more than I ever hoped for!


Aunt Char Char's Visit

Have your people, call my people!

I love my Aunt Char Char!

Great Aunt Char Char came for a quick visit after she went to the football game!
Mommy...seriously stop taking pictures of me!!!