Swimming at the Beach House

Tyler loves swimming!  I know I keep saying this but truly she thinks that she is an olympic swimmer.  She is never happier than when she is in the pool! (credit to Aunt Buddy for the photo....I borrowed off of her blog)
Aunt Buddy and Tyler (love her swimsuit)
Cousins (Sage 11, Jordan 15, Jackson 11)
Uncle Tom & Logan hanging in the hot tub (it was cold though)
Tyler at the beach...kind of a bummer day at the beach (it was super overcast and windy).....we only spent 10 minutes there and then headed back up to the pool!
Fun picture of Aunt Buddy & Uncle Tom + Logan
Modeling Photo

Scrunch nose!!!

Aunt Jackie & Cousin Jordan helping Tyler play down by the water!  Tyler wasn't too sure about being on the beach!  I think it would have been better if it had been a calmer day!

Hilton Head Island, SC

I have spent many days on the beach at Hilton Head Island and I have never seen it look like this before.  The beaches were covered with algae and sea junk....there was no clean beach to play on especially at high tide.  Definitely a bummer!  Also you can enjoy Aunt Buddy's beautiful dancing!


Larson's Baptism

The whole famil got together in Hilton Head Island, SC to celebrate Larson's baptism!
Tyler & Mommy
This was Tyler's second time at the beach....this time she was more interested in the sand!  She doesn't really like the texture of the sand

The Robert's
Aunt Buddy, Uncle Tom, Jordan, Jackson, Larson, & Logan
The Foss Family
Aunt Char & Tommy

Tyler was so tired she took a little catnap after lunch!


Getting Settled

View of living room from the kitchen
Dining Room


Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!
This is Brian's 2nd father day!  He is the most wonderful father.  I know that everyone says that about their husband....but I can say that without a doubt he is the most amazing father and Tyler will be a better woman because he is in her life!
Favorite father-daughter memory for 2012 (at least thus far)....instead of having a very girly tea party with Tyler's tea set.....Brian showed Tyler how to pretend guzzle the tea straight from the spout of the tea pot.  cracks me up!
I gave Brian a room service door hanger the day before Father's Day so that he could order whatever he wanted for dinner.  Of course he ordered eggs and cornbeef hash(yuck)!!!

Tyler got all dressed up to go out with Daddy for dinner!
Love any pictures that have me and Tyler in them
again....both so happy to have their picture take


Catching Firefly's

One of the fun things to do at Pat Pat's house is to catch fireflys after dark. 
almost no fireflys were harmed in the making of this blog post

Water Fight

I don't know how my Aunt Buddy does it....with 4 kids (and three of them boys)!  Don't get me wrong, they are the sweetest but there is endless energy!  We decided to have a water balloon fight out on the lawn.  it was actually pretty difficult to get the balloons to break but we all got in some great shots!
These are the two youngest in the greater "Foss" family!  Logan is 4 and he is the baby out of all the grandchildren.  Tyler is the baby of the family....but she is the oldest of the Great-Grandchildren!

Playing in the sprinkler!  Tyler was not sure what was going on!  She loves water but she didn't really like the sprinkler!

Just chillin' after a hard afternoon of playing in the yard!

This is my absolute favorite picture of Tyler!