Out with the Girls (and 1 boy)!
Krystal Talley's 27th Birthday
We went to Phoenix Restaurant. They had the best honey chicken & brown rice. We had a great time together.
My favorite memory from this day was the following:
Ashley: James are you a vegetarian?
James: Yes
Ashley: Can I ask why?
James: is for health reasons....It is bad for the health of the animals.
Ashley: Okay then.

James & Caroline Gregario & their daughter Isabella.
Krystal's daughter Joya!

Caroline Wilson

Jody Karavanic & Edie York

The Birthday GIRL! Krystal


Ashley's 27th Birthday/ Presidential Inauguration 2009
North Carolina Snow Storm
Our house looks so peaceful in the snow. Too bad I had to go to work.

Our house is at the end of the cul-de-sac so this is the view looking up the street. They are still building houses on my road.


Our Cruise January 2009
Mexico, Guatamala, Belize
This was our view of New Orleans from the Cruise Boat. The city was all lit up at night. The cruise boat traveled all the way down the Mississippi river into the Gulf of Mexico. We would have liked to see more but it got dark too fast!

Our Cruise boat: Norwegian Spirit

This was our first stop to Costa Maya, Mexico. We spent the day at the beach! The thing I noticed was that there wasn't a lot of beach it is very rocky.

I loved this picture I took of the huts by the beach we were on.

Our second stop was in Guatamala. Some guys said it looked pretty dangerous outside the walls of the port.
We went on an excursion to a set of waterfalls in the rainforest. I went swimming in the biggest one and the water was freezing. Brian just watched.
The rainforest was so beautiful and thick.

This is one of my favorite photos from the whole trip. We were on a little bridge crossing over a flat part of the waterfalls and the sun was coming through the canopy.

Our third stop was Belize. Belize was the highlight of the trip for both Brian and I. We went to river tuing through a Mayan cave system.

We took a 45 minute hike through the rainforest and then jumped into intertubes and went into the caves. The insides of the cave were completely dark. All the light we had was from our headlamps but the caves were incredible. The Mayans believed that these caves were the underworld.

Our last stop was to Cozumel, Mexico. We took a dune buggy excursion to a "cave" which turned out to be a sink hole.
We learned that all fresh water is taken from the sink holes all over the island. They said we could get into the water and swim into the cave to see bats. It was pretty scary because we had to swim in complete darkeness for a couple of minutes in a very cramped space before it opened into a big cave that was pitch black. Once our eyes adjusted we could kinf of make out the ceiling of the cave which was covered in bats.

We walked around Cozumel for a while and had lunch and Senor Frogs....the loudest and most annoying restaurant ever.