Tyler Chronicles: Saturday Morning In Bed

Mommy and I were hanging out it bed all morning on Saturday just relaxing. What more could you ask for.

Baby Tyler....the longer her hair gets...the more outrageous it becomes.

Tyler & Rudy hanging out in bed together. Tyler is on mommy's side and Rudy is on Daddy's side!



Beautiful Easter Flowers!

Thank you to Tyler, Grandma Taylor, and Uncle Sean. I loved the flowers and they were such a surprise!

I love this picture of us!!!! Our cheeks match when we smile really big. Such a great picture!
Terrible picture of me but I love the picture of Tyler.

Pink is our signature color!

Some "bunny" loves me!

My bunny! Happy Easter!

Cutie-pie Carlin Schledorn!

Carrie & Tyler. Carrie is expecting her daugher Ella in July. We can't wait to meet a new friend.

Beautiful Emma 7 months old. I definitely think that purple is her color!

Grandpa Magee with baby Braxton!

Emma and Daddy (aka Shawn)

We had a fantastic pot-luck lunch!!!! The food was amazing. Even the kids chowed down. Braxton & Mommy (aka Sam)

Obviously there was something interesting behind them!

Tyler: 7 weeks

Carlin (plaid shorts): 8 months

Ethan (wearing a tie): 7 months

Just hanging out with the boys.

These are mommy's friends Tracy and Heather. These are my friends Carlin and Ethan.

This was Tyler's first on the floor interacting with friends.....she didn't "interact" very much but it was fun for mommy to watch!

"I have no idea what is going on"




Tyler Chronicles: Bath Time Video

Tyler Chronicles: Bath Time

Just getting her bearings....she is in a phase where she cries if I put her down anywhere. I hope that this phase passes soon!

She is so relaxed during bathtime. I think that she would lay there forever if she could. She loves to have her hair washed and to have water poured over her. I think that she will love swimming. Water baby

My little mermaid

Mommy and baby! Although she loves taking a bath....she hates getting dried off, especially when I try and dry her hair.


Discovery Museum, Charlotte NC

Although I have a purse....I am not really a purse person. You can ask anyone....I have been carrying a purse that my sister-in-law bought me for over a year. So the idea of a diaper bag was never that appealing. I finally used it today for our first big day adventure out. I took a picture of everything I had to bring with us in order to get out the door. Cracked me up how much a little person could need.

This was the only picture I could get of Haylie and Sage together. Sage is getting so tall it is unbelievable. He is excited about going to middle school next year.

I thought it would be a great idea to take Haylie and Sage to a fun museum during their spring break. My mistake was going on Good Friday when all the parents have off of work. The museum was so packed it was hard for the kids to really enjoy it. We watched an Imax video about baby elephants and orangatangs (sp?). Then we went to a resturant across the street for a late lunch. I didn't get any pictures of Tyler because it was too much for me to manage but she enjoyed her first day out. That was also her longest car ride to date.....she did pretty good. I wanted to see how it would go as a preview of our trip to Canada in July.

Haylie trying out the "Air Chair". It looked pretty cool but it turned out to be lame because it was so small. She was a good sport about it anyway.

This was the rainforest exhibit. I loved it because it was so humid and it reminded me of Florida. There were a few birds and ducks living in the exhibit but not much to look at.


Tyler Chronicles: It you can't beat it....join it

I absolutely love this picture. She is so beautiful. As Tyler's hair gets longer it has become I figured if you can't beat it....join it. So I gave her a cool mohawk (think Rhianna)! I know I am biased but I think she is gorgeous!


Our girl is a good eater. I am not sure how much she weighs right now but I am positive that she has gained weight. Please note the baby rolls on her legs and chin!! Just what every healthy baby needs. Thanks to Pat Pat for the cute outfit. Unfortunately this is probably the first and last time she will be wearing it. She is getting taller fast and is quickly outgrowing her newborn clothes.

On another note she looks so much like her daddy in this picture. Honestly I was looking at his infant pictures and they have the same facial expression.

Mommy....seriously stop taking pictures.


Tyler Chronicles: Day 40

Sleeping Beauty
It is finally getting warm enought to put her in cute dresses.

Sleeping....but still deep in thought!


Tyler Chronicles: Day 39

I love this picture. She is starting to be more and more alert during the day (and sometimes at night). She as beautiful eyes and she loves to really focus on things.
I hope she was saying "You're #1" and not "Loser"
She is sooooo cute....I can hardly stand it!
I think that this is my favorite picture of Pat Pat and Tyler!
Pat Pat dropped by for a visit.
Tyler has the most beautiful, elegant fingers in the world. I hope she has an interest in the piano.
Pat Pat bought me a beautiful Gold ring. It is still a little big but I am growing fast so I am sure I will be able to wear it soon. What a lucky girl I am... This is my third piece of jewelry. My Grandma Taylor bought me a beautiful tinkerbell necklace and earings. Everyone remember.... Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend!


Tyler Chronicles: Day 38

Tyler and I were hanging out in our PJ's before we had to get ready for church. I love our special time together in the mornings before daddy wakes up. I can't wait to be able to take my girl for breakfast in our pajamma's.

Tyler Chronicles: 1st Home Video


Tyler Chronicles: Month 1, Day 5

So Proud: I am finally up to date with the blog. Yahhhh for Me!!!

Tyler and I were going out to have lunch with my friends from work. She is sporting a jersey ruffle dress from Old Navy and a not pink bow....and I am wearing whatever would fit. I hate having my picture taken right now since I am so chubby but this was a pretty good picture! I have lost 35lbs since Tyler was born and I still have lots to go. I am so excited because my 6-week appointment with my OBGYN is coming up and I hope to get the okay to start working out. Until then I am only allowed to walk.
This is Dr. Deaton...the man that made this all possible for Brian and I. He is the most amazing reproductive fertility doctor! I am not just saying that because we were successful getting pregnant. I can honestly say that he was an amazing doctor but his compassion, kindness, and love will never be forgotten (he jokingly said that he would never forget me or our circumstances either). Dr. Deaton has truly blessed our lives in more ways than he will ever know. He is what all doctors should strive for.
This is Angela is the the nurse at Dr. Deaton's office that worked with us the whole time. She is also an amazing nurse. I knew that I could call her at anytime about anything and she would be happy to talk with me. She went way above and beyond what her responsibilities on paper are. She is the best nurse that I have ever had (and I am kind of an expert at this point based on how many nurses I have had over the last three years)