Family Photo

Our Little Family

Thank goodness for the is the only way to get pictures of all three of us. Brian doesn't love taking staged pictures but we looked really good before church!


Caroline Baby Shower - Part 1

The gift table before the guests arrived. As you can see....Catherine is peeking out from behind our presents. We hosted Caroline's shower at Bravo Italiano Cuccina! The most important consideration for Caroline's shower was FOOD. Caroline is a very tiny girl but she loves to eat good food. Then again...who doesn't!
Catherine was in charge of the cupcakes and she did a great job! She got these from a cupcake shop in Randleman! There were red velvet, mocha, vanilla, and snickers. I have to tell you...the snickers cupcake was the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. This says a lot because I love food especially sweets!!!! If anyone ever needs cupcakes....I highly recommend them!

Caroline's nursery is super modern and super cute. I needed a theme to work with for the shower so she has a set of sheets with really modern owls that I went off of. Not to "themey"!

I saw this duck the morning of the shower and I just had to buy it for Caroline. Anyone that knows Caroline knows her love of plastic ducks!!!

I loved these napkins!!!!

The two frames...

1) Owl love you forever

2) Welcome baby

One of my favorite gifts was the ceramic owl bookends!!!!

I think everything turned out so beautiful!!!

I made the placemats out of 12x12 scrapbook paper in modern prints

This was the complete table setting!

These were the shower favor's for all the guests. They are owl sugar cookies....yes you can eat them. I have a lot of people ask me where I got them. Link below:

I made the menu cards to match the invitations

The flowers were soooo beautiful. Caroline loves hydrangeas!!! Anyone looking for a florist in Greensboro should call Botanica

Anyone who knows me....knows how much I love setting beautiful tables.....

Guests had just started arriving...

Jody (left) and Catherine (right)

Tracey (left) and Caroline (right)

Baby bumps! Baby Krumroy (coming soon Jan 2012) and Baby Wilson (coming SOON)!

Caroline & Jody

the eating begins.....

We played two games...

1) Baby trivia

2) Baby shower candy bar game

Caroline Wilson's Baby Shower - Part 2

Caroline & her niece Gabby
Such a pretty girl!

Gabby displaying some of Caroline's gifts "diaper changing pad"

Gabby helping Aunt Caroline opening her presents!

Every girl mean BOTTLES!



Caroline likes to read and I know she wanted a big library for her baby so.....I asked each guest to bring a book with their name inside instead of a card.

Swaddlers....i think!


The Gift Table


Tyler Chronicles: So cute!

Such the pretty girl inside and out!

It is amazing how fast she is growing! She doesn't even look like a baby any more. People that don't know her definitely think that she is older.


Tyler Chronicles - My lamby

"Don't even think about it....this is my lovey!"

I have tried to introduce Tyler to lots of different textures! Thank you to Grandma DeBruin for this super soft lamb lovey. Tyler just loves it! She is still to small to have a baby to go to bed with (choking/breathing hazard) but once she gets older I will let her take it to bed with her.

Tyler is relaxing in her swing before bed in her yellow jammies and with her lamb lovey! You can tell she really loves it cause it goes straight into her mouth!

Tyler Chronicles - Grandma Taylor's Ladybug Outfit

No bow in the hair equals her hair in her eyes! The pain of beauty I guess.

Hi Grandma! I am growing like a weed so this was the first/last time I will be able to wear this outfit. But I did you proud and threw up on it so it was truly loved!


Family Photos: Foss Family

Some people have asked where we took the pictures. This is my Grandma Pat & Papa's house! It is a view of the pond and horse pasture! The pictures turned out fantastic!

Family Photos: All the Grandkids!

The whole gang together with our grandparents All 9 of us. Ashley-29, Sean-21, Colby-21, Jordan-14, Jackson-11, Sage-11, Haylie-8, Larsen-6, Logan-3

Grandparents/Great Grandma-old (enough said)

Family Photos: My Loves!

The DeBruin's July 2011

I think this is our 1st family photo together since we left the hosptial. Not to bad if I do say so myself! It is still hard for me to believe that we have Tyler. She is the best thing that has ever happened to us!

This is a rare photo of Brian. He hardly ever smiles in photos but Aunt Buddy was saying something funny (I think??) and we were all laughing.

My brother Sean, My mom, Me, Tyler, & Brian! Please ignore the fact that my white shirt is pulled up (would have been great if someone had told me) oh well!