Christmas 2009

Christmas was pretty relaxed this year. We ordered food from honeybaked ham to take the cooking load off of anyone.
Brian, Sage, and our puppy Rudy

Mom, Haylie, and Grandma Pat. We had fun watching the kids open presents.

Great Grandma Boydie hanging out.

Haylie teaching Grandpa how to play a Nintendo DS

Jackie's Cat Larry enjoyed Christmas morning as well. He had fun hiding in all the Christmas decorations.

Haylie posing after I did her hair.

Aunt Jackie looking beautiful on Christmas morning.

I got up bright and early and went over to Aunt Jackie's house to watch Haylie and Sage open presents from Santa. Jackies house was glowing with Christmas lights and tons of presents.

And more presents!

Haylie & Sage


Christmas with Friends

We had a really fun potluck dinner at Jason & Colleen's house.
The girls! These are some of my very best friends in NC. They are very special women and I am so lucky to have them in my life.
Meredith (baby Brooks), Carrie, Heather, Sam, Me, Kristi, & Colleen

Brian & I

Sam & Shawn (on a side note....I have never seen a bad picture of them. They are the most photogenic couple that I have ever met.

Carrie & Jakes

Heather & Robbie

Chris, Meredith & Brooks


Charles Aris, Inc Christmas Party

Every year my company has our annual strategic planning meeting and then we have our Christmas Party afterwards. 2009 was a rough year due to the recession but the party was still fun. I did not stay as late as I usually do because I was very pregnant with the twins.
These are my friends Jody & Caroline

Can't really tell I am pregnant there but I was avoiding the camera since I was so bloated.

Caroline, Edie, Jody, & Christina

Jody & Scott

Edie & James

Debbie & Rich


Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 at our house!
Family photo. We had almost the entire "Foss" family. My mom and brother were not able to make it up from Florida this year. Wish they could have been here. It was fantastic having everyone over.

We hung out at Grandma Pat's house the day before Thanksgiving which was fun. It is rare that all the cousins are together at the same time. The age difference between me (oldest) to my youngest cousin who I am holding is 26 years.

Aunt Buddy & Great Grandma Boydie.

Brian & Ash (18 weeks pregnant with the twins)

Aunt Char, Tommy, and Colby. I wonder what team they root for?

I served Thanksgiving Dinner buffet style in my kitchen and then everyone sat down to dinner. We also had a kids table right next to ours that was covered in drawing paper to geep them occupied.

Aunt Jackie, Haylie, and Sage!

Sisters Forever! Very pretty ladies.

Larson (he has the best smile)

Youngest cousin Logan

Aunt Buddy & Uncle Tom, Jordan, Jackson, Larson, & Logan.


Halloween 2009

Happy Halloween from the DeBruin's
Brian and I invited Jackie, Sage, and Haylie over to carve pumpkins. We had a fun night. The kids got bored pretty fast but that is okay.

Too bad we did not get more pictures of all our pumpkins. I am pretty sure I won best pumpkin....although Jackies wins for being 3-D


Go Steelers!

Brian has been a Steelers fan since he was 7 years old but he had never been to a game in Pittsburgh. I decided to surprise Brian for an early 40th birthday present!

I bought him two tickets to the Steelers vs San Diego October 4, 2011. Brian and I drove up to Pittsburgh which was about 9 hours. It was a very pretty drive.

Our friends Sam & Shawn grew up right outside Pittsburgh so they went and visited with family and went to the game too. Sam's childhood bestfriend Julie and her fiance' came with us. This was our group picture as we were walking to Heinz Field.

Picture of Pittsburgh. Mental note...never never never get lost in Pittsburgh. It is extremely confusing with all the one-way streets and bridges.

Brian & I (10 weeks pregnant with the twins)

Almost game time. It is definitely a wild place with a ton of energy and anticipation.

This would be our ride back to where we parked.

Just about to go into the stadium. The temperature is dropping quickly. We were both so excited.

Stadium was full and it was awesome having front row seats. You only turn 40 once and I wanted to splurge on Brian. In the future we would recommed 4 or 5 rows back so you can see over all the sideline people.

Steelers won but it came down to the last two minutes as it always does. Brian and I were so cold. It was freezing outside.

Pittsburgh at night. It was a beautiful city.

Heinz Field

View from the boat on the ride back to the car


Myrtle Beach September 2009

Brian and I are definitely beach people. We are so lucky that Brian's parents owe an amazing condo beach front. We invited two couples to come with us for the week. It was a very relaxing trip. This is a picture taken at Greg Norman's Resturant. For anyone who has not been is definitely a great night out.

James & Edie York.

Sam & Shawn Magee

Edie & Me. Just being silly!

One night we were driving around looking for something to eat and somehow we ended up at a kid's pizza buffet place. It was sort of like a sad, rundown Chuck E Cheese. On a positive note the food was great.

This is Brian letting me know he hates having pictures taken! Or he might be representing Homer Simpson.

This is after I told him that the camera will stay out until I get a good picture. Obviously that threat did not work either.

On September 9th at 6am EST I took a pregnancy test and for the first time in my life it was positive almost instantly. Everyone knows that Brian and I have struggled with infertility for 2 years so I litterally hit my knees when I saw the word "pregnant"

I wanted to document the day. This was the sunrise at Myrtle Beach just moments after I found out I was pregnant. It could not have been a more perfect setting for my dream to come true.

I had to go have my blood drawn at a lab corp and faxed to my fertility doctor in Greensboro to confirm that I was in fact pregnant. It took until 4pm EST for my doctor to call me. This picture was taken right after I told Brian and our friends. The doctor had also said that my HCG levels were quite high which could be an indication of twins although we would not know for a few weeks. Best trip to the beach ever!