Tyler & Emma

Best Friends 4Ever!


Magee Twin's 1st Birthday!

The Magee's (Shawn, Sam, Emma, & Braxton)
Tyler & Braxton playing together. Even though Braxton got a bunch of cool toys he was more interested in playing with the bags the toys came in!
Happy 1st Birthday Emma!!! (big sister)
Happy 1st Birthday Braxton! (little brother by a minute or two)
The group shot

(Chris, Jakes, Brian, Dave, Carrie, and Kristi)

We hate that the picture is blurry but it was the only one we had with Sam & Tyler

Carlin is learning to walk!!!! Hooray!Playtime with all the kids


Tyler & Julianne

Both of the babies waking up from a nap at Pat Pat's house.

Nap Time


Playing in the morning

Tyler has gotten very good at tummy time! She is an old pro!
Please ignore the bad hair day as she just woke up and she HATES to have her hair brushed!!!

Arn't those pants/skirt just the cutest! Thank you to Grandma DeBruin for buying them for Tyler. I love that leggings are in because I think skirts kind of look weird on babies.


Grandma DeBruin & Me

I love snuggling with my Grandma DeBruin! She always loves on me!
Kisses from Grandma!

Again Jeanne looks like a model! I have never taken a bad picture of her. Tyler on the other hand is sporting mommy's famous pout!
This is my favorite picture of Tyler & Jeanne from this trip. It was not planned and it just shows so much love between them.
Grandma singing Tyler to sleep....
night night baby!!!!

It was so great to have mom & dad DeBruin down to visit. It is sad that we don't live closer together but that makes the time we do get together that much sweeter. Brian & Wayne went golfing and Jeanne & I went shopping (I honestly have no idea where Barry was? I guess that happens as the youngest child). Then we all went out to eat at PF Changs (so yummy). Tyler was such a sweet girl. So far so good as far as her restaurant behavior goes. I have been super lucky when it comes to restaurants and airplanes!

Grandma & Grandpa DeBruin

I always say that my mother-in-law is the most photogenic person I know. It doesn't matter when/where/how you take a picture of her....she always looks beautiful.
The second day they were here we went swimming at the pool It was pretty fun to hang out in the sun and talk. Tyler loves the pool so she took a little nap in her floaty. Uncle Barry & Grandpa said that Tyler looks a lot like Great-Grandma Despard (Jeanne's mom). It is so neat to see so much of both sides of the family in Tyler. As Brian would say...duh!

Trying to get three people to look at a camera all at once is impossible!

Grandpa DeBruin & Me

I am always happy to be spending time with my Grandpa DeBruin! He is the best!
It was so nice having Grandma & Grandpa come to visit. The first night they were here we went out to dinner at Mellow Mushroom and then we went & played putt putt golf. It was past my bedtime so my mommy put me in my sling and wore me around the golf course. She played with one hand. She even came in 2nd to last....she beat Grandma DeBruin!
Nothing better than snuggling with my Grandpa!!!

Meeting Uncle Barry

This is my Uncle Barry! He is my daddy's baby brother! Well in truth he is my daddy's only brother. He brought me all kids of cool presents!Uncle Barry was super fun...when he wasn't on the phone or computer (just kidding)

Thank you to Uncle Barry's girlfriend for all the super cute clothes, sunglasses, french giraffe!!!! Tyler loved everything!
She looks like she just got caught! (goodness knows that is a face I will probably see a lot if she is visiting with Uncle Barry).
I wish Tyler was smiling more so you could see her dimples. DeBruin dimples were the one trait that I 100% wanted my babies to have.
Are we done yet!


Tyler & Uncle Sean

I love Uncle Sean (time to change your facebook picture uncle promised)
My mommy keeps telling me that Uncle Sean is her baby brother....but that does not make sense since he is so much bigger than my mom. He is a super fun uncle because he plays with me, he makes funny faces with me, and I am his favorite niece (forget the fact that I am his only niece!)
This is a great picture of Sean...not so good of Tyler

Wow!!! My Uncle Sean just told me something unbelievable!

Tyler's face cracks me up in this picture. She reminds me so much of Brian!

1st Beach Day: Part 2

Welcome to Daytona Beach! Not the best picture but I thought I would try so I would have something for Tyler's scrapbook. If you look to my left you will see the Daytona International Speedway. I am not much of a nascar fan but still pretty cool to see up close.
Thankfully both the DeBruin's and the Foss's are BEACH People so Tyler was bound to love being at the beach. She loved it from the start!

Thank you to Uncle Sean who is Tyler's unofficial papparazzi. He does a great job of taking hundreds of pictures which provides me with some great shots!

Mommy & Tyler @ New Symrna Beach, FL
I think it is pretty obvious how in love I am with Tyler. I still can't believe she is here with me. I am constantly staring at her and wondering how I got so lucky!