Myrtle Beach September 2009

Brian and I are definitely beach people. We are so lucky that Brian's parents owe an amazing condo beach front. We invited two couples to come with us for the week. It was a very relaxing trip. This is a picture taken at Greg Norman's Resturant. For anyone who has not been is definitely a great night out.

James & Edie York.

Sam & Shawn Magee

Edie & Me. Just being silly!

One night we were driving around looking for something to eat and somehow we ended up at a kid's pizza buffet place. It was sort of like a sad, rundown Chuck E Cheese. On a positive note the food was great.

This is Brian letting me know he hates having pictures taken! Or he might be representing Homer Simpson.

This is after I told him that the camera will stay out until I get a good picture. Obviously that threat did not work either.

On September 9th at 6am EST I took a pregnancy test and for the first time in my life it was positive almost instantly. Everyone knows that Brian and I have struggled with infertility for 2 years so I litterally hit my knees when I saw the word "pregnant"

I wanted to document the day. This was the sunrise at Myrtle Beach just moments after I found out I was pregnant. It could not have been a more perfect setting for my dream to come true.

I had to go have my blood drawn at a lab corp and faxed to my fertility doctor in Greensboro to confirm that I was in fact pregnant. It took until 4pm EST for my doctor to call me. This picture was taken right after I told Brian and our friends. The doctor had also said that my HCG levels were quite high which could be an indication of twins although we would not know for a few weeks. Best trip to the beach ever!