Charles Aris, Inc President's Trek
March 2008
I won the incentive trip through my company for exceeding my sales goals in 2007. We went to Nassau, Bahamas. It was such a beautiful place and definitely a place that I would visit again!

This is the Atlantis Resort. The water park was really cool. They have one waterslide that is almost a completely vertical drop and the slide goes through the shark tank. Also the Aquariums there are to die for. They had a Manta Ray that was 13 feet across. Brian and I later saw in the Greensboro paper that Zeus the Manta Ray was set free after growing too big for the tanks at Atlantis. All of the fish in the aquariums were indiginous to the Bahamas!

We went on a huge catamaran for a day of snorkeling. I promise I have not doctored any of the pictures. The water was actually that color. Litterally from the boat you could see all the way to the bottom. Snorkeling was fun....but there were so many people at this one spot that when you first got in the water it looked like the scene from the Titanic when everyone is splashing around in the water. I was proud that I didn't get sick on the boat ride.

Dolphin Encounter!
This was really cool, however I was terrified the whole time. We actually got in the water with the dolphins so that we could touch them and "dance" , feed, and hug them. The trainers also did a lot of different tricks while we were in the water. This dophins were a lot bigger than the ones I remember coming up to the boats in Hilton Head. I was so scarred I was shaking. They were huge and had a ton of teeth. It didn't help that right before we went on the trip Brian and I watched this show on TV about dolphin attacks in similar attractions.

I love Brian!

We arrived in style. I love Limo's. That is Brian & I, My boss Chad and his wife Mindy, and my co-worker Edie and her husband James.

This is the view from our hotel room! Nice!