Tyler is Getting Bigger!

I know I am biased...but I don't think I have ever seen anyone so beautiful!

Love this girl!

Taking pictures has gotten more difficult since she started crawling!

Crawling to the toy basket (plus I love the ruffles on her bum)

My beautiful girl in front of the Christmas Tree!

I love her determined!


Tyler & Santa

The Four Seasons Mall in Greensboro always has a beautiful Christmas/Santa set-up and this year was no exception. We did have to wait in line for 1 hour but it was well worth the result! Tyler meeting Santa for the 1st time. I was not sure what to expect as there were plenty of kids crying but Tyler was facinated! Tyler very rarely meets a stranger anyway...but she loved staring at Santa (and he certaintly looked like the real deal)

This was the best one we could get but no smiles. I am sure the people walking through the mall were laughing hysterically at the antics of my mom, me, sean, and ashley jumping up and down...making name it we did it, trying to get a smile.



This was right before Grandma left to go back home to Florida! It is always hard to see my mom leave Tyler! There is nothing like the relationship for a girl and her Grandma!

I love this photo of us!

My mommy & brother
Sean and his girlfriend Ashley
Aunt Jackie, Sage & Haylie
The love of my Life!

Our Christmas Tree....It is decorated with 200 black & white photo's of was the best tree ever!
This is kind of a joke. I bought that hat as an impulse buy on Black Friday....when I tried it on was obvious that it was too small....but I squeezed her big head into it for a picture!
I love that she is holding my hand!

Mommy & Tyler playing on the Floor the day after Thanksgiving! I was babysitting my friends kids Evelyn & Tommy. I was sooooo tired by the end of the day!
Grandma Taylor feeding Tyler her Thanksgiving Dinner!
Thanksgiving Dinner......I always do buffet makes it so much easier for everyone! I really love cooking and because of that I tend to overdo it. I am in diet mode so I tried to behave myself!

Thanksgiving Feast....with roast beast!
Sitting around before dinner was ready!

Now that is a compliment to the chef!!!! (anyone that knows my papa....knows that this is a very common occurance)

Everyone relaxing after Thanksgiving Dinner


Teething again....

Tyler's top two teeth are on their way in....


Tyler is Crawling

Fashionist: Part 2

My fashion girl aready!!! I think she should be Target's model for these clothes.!!!! That's right folks.....Tyler is crawling!!! She has also gotten pretty good at the pincer grasp (bringing your pointer finger and thumb together). She is able to grab little puffs off her tray and put them into her mouth. Very exciting. She also loves her sippy cups! Beware....don't even let her see a sippy cup during a meal or she will fuss,cry, and yell until you give it to her.....eating becomes impossible!

Not that Tyler needs anymore clothes...but when I saw this outfit at Target...I had to buy it. This is Gwen Stafanni's line of clothes. Very Japanese fashion inspired. It looked even cuter that anticipated on Ty! This is her new expression. She loves making this face!

This is Tyler's favorite toy....a lime juice bottle. She saw me cooking with it one night and has loved it ever since! Also please note her super cute baby rolls!


Saturday Morning!

This is our Saturday morning routine! Playing in our pajama's until our first nap....then we get dressed for the day!

Again....I know I am totally biased....put I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world!

Thi is my solution for keeping her hair out of her eyes while eating breakfast!



These were not the best pictures I have ever taken. The first had terrible lighting and the second was over-exposed! I guess you win some and lose some!

Even though the pictures were bad I had to put a couple up. This is a super cute outfit. She has cord pants and a super cute pea-coat style sweater.
Also....for the first time ever....Tyler's hair is not sticking up anywhere. Last night was the first night that she let me blow-dry her hair...which resulting in beautiful hair!!!


Tyler's 8 Months Old

My sweet girl is 8 months old! She is becoming more and more active which is really fun to watch! She loves to eat...anything but blueberries and raspberries. She hates those flavors! It's funny cause I don't like blueberries either.
She is a great sleeper both night (11-12 hours) and day (2 naps 2-3 hours each). The only time she is fussy is right before she is due to sleep. She is a lot like her daddy! She needs her sleep. This is her reaction anytime daddy comes into the room. She watches him! She is truly a daddies girl! She is very patient with me taking pictures all the time.
She has two teeth on the bottom. She loves to touch them with her tongue. She is constantly messing with her teeth.... She also will bite you hard if you stick your fingers in her mouth.

She loves to blow raspberries at mommy when she is eating her food. When I stick my finger up to her mouth to be stern and say "no" "no" she just laughs. I have started teaching her baby sign language which is a slow process but one that I think will be helpful for Ty. She gets so frustrated when she can't communicate what she wants.

Tyler loves: stuffed animals, books (mostly for chewing), her giraffe, Mr. Bear (her lovey), sleeping, and bathtime, and having her hair blown dry!

Tyler hates: Having her hair fixed, putting her arms in her sleeves, eating in the morning, getting buckled into her car seat!

Milestones: She rocks back and forth to music, she is working on her pincer grasp, she gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth. She is making sounds but nothing that really sounds like anything although she has started having inflections. She loves music and dancing!